It's Not Easy Being a Dentist

 A toothbrush doesn't remove a year's worth of tartar 30 minutes before your dental appointment.


The Toad of Paradise

Episode 1 of a comic starring Vlod Ironbeak, the mayor of Toronto; Polydoor, an Igor; Merlin, a powerful wizard; Vivien, aka the Lady of the Lake and former girlfriend of Merlin's; Demo Version, an explorer and fixer working for Vlod Ironbeak; Sally, a troll, and assorted villains. 



Carnivorous Umbrella



Any umbrellas, any umbrellas to fix today...

--Stock, Rose, Cavanaugh, "Umbrella Man", covered by Dizzie Gillespie


Cat Nest

 She hears 

the music of the spheres

and the hum of the wires in the houses

and the hum of the universe

in interstellar spaces

but prefers domestic places

and the hum of the heater

--Lawrence Ferlinghetti, "The Cat"


Life on Mars

 Extinct cloaked vampires

Spirits hooked on blood....

--David Campbell, "Mosquitoes" 

Elephants in China Shops

Why aren't elephants allowed in China Shops?

Because they aren't bulls.



How to Delete Fleas From Your Dragon

 It sucked me first, and now sucks thee,

And in this flea our two bloods mingled be....

--John Donne


Puns and Amusements. Ink and Watercolor.

 It was the "Stranger in Paradise" melody, and the back-of-the-room boys always crooned, "Take my hand, I'm a strange-looking parasite...."

--Anne Tyler


Sweets for my Sweet....

 Different studies have shown that they [raccoons] can understand abstract principles, solve complex puzzles, differentiate and identify symbols, have good long-term memory, and their learning speed is equivalent to that of rhesus macaques....

--Canadian Geographic



For me a stained glass window is a transparent partition between my heart and the heart of the world.
--Marc Chagall



A Little Souvenir of a Raid on Paris

 Paris will always be Paris,

The most beautiful city in the world....

--Willemetz, Overfield


Spring Has Entered the Room

 Outside at last! Free to chase bugs, run around, watch the birds, climb and jump, sit in a chair and relax....



 And I still don't know if I'm a falcon, a storm, or an unfinished song.

--Rainer Maria Rilke


Steam-Punk Girl

 Breakdown cranes, sometimes called wrecking cranes or big hooks, were necessary to every railroad to recover derailed rolling stock and locomotives, while also assisting with bridge building and yard construction. 


So if you're setting up your yard this spring, you might find one of these could come in handy.


Distracted by the Ceiling

 Kali was about to poke me for more attention when she was suddenly distracted by the ceiling. I examined it closely, but there was no sign of Spiderman or anyone else up there. I can only presume it was a ghost cat from the Feline Zone.


Bird Bath

 A bird bath in your yard will provide many hours of pleasure and entertainment as your tiny, feathered friends gather for a pleasant dip.

Alien Behaving Badly

Some aliens forget their manners when they travel to new and exotic lands. 



If All the World was Apple Pie

From "Gammer Gurton's Garland, or The Nursery Parnassus", published in London in 1810, first printed as a twopenny brochure in 1783.