A Head for Gardening

 The hat is optional.

Bagged and Deleted

 Just because I'm employing an Igor and working in a cellar doesn't mean I'm some sort of madman, ha ha ha!

--Terry Pratchett


Grand Theft Bananas

 Come Mister tally man tally me banana....

How to Cope With Extreme Cold

 The proper reaction to frigid weather (Humans learned everything useful they know from cats). By the way, she's not fat; she's just experimenting with variations in girth. She's doing it for the benefit of all living creatures, except dogs. 


The Adventures of the Choco Kids 25

 Some lawyers will make many sacrifices to help their clients. 

The Adventures of the Choco Kids 24

The significance of chocolate in the evolution of cartoon animals.


From my Sketchbook

Concept art for a musical based on Heidegger's "Being and Time."  It was rejected because I didn't draw any clocks. I may use these characters in a children's edition of Dostoevsky's "The Brothers Karamazov", if I can find the time. I might have posted these sketches before--I can't remember; there are too many posts on this blog. 


The Adventures of the Choco Kids 23

Some people think the world would be a much harsher place if there weren't so many kind elephants lurking in hidden places, waiting to rush out and save us from too much chocolate. But, is there such a thing as too much chocolate? Are the elephants involved in a futile pursuit of meaning?  


The Adventures of the Choco Kids 22

Lawyers are top predators, with few natural enemies apart from judges. If attacked by lawyers, do not try to run away; you'll never make it. Your best defence against a flock of lawyers is to hurl lumps of chocolate wrapped in evidence. This will distract them while you flee. 


The Adventures of the Choco Kids 21

Beware the izzbits and the oozers, but above all, steer clear of the melted squooshers!



The Adventures of the Choco Kids 20

 If nothing makes any sense to you, try standing on your head. It won't clear things up at all, but this isn't a self-help book, so who cares!


Snow Day

 Ten seconds outside, then back inside at the speed of light!

The Adventures of the Choco Kids 16

 Always be sure to keep a good stock of chocolate, in case you have to fend off a gang of lawyers.


The Adventures of the Choco Kids 15

 Sometimes made-up characters and stories are so convincing, they fool even people in the know like Uncle Lumpy.



The Adventures of the Choco Kids 13

 The real threat that robots pose to humans, aside from hogging all the jobs, isn't the possibility that they will exterminate all humans (humans will accomplish this all by themselves), but their insatiable lust for chocolate, which will lead to brutal combat over dwindling supplies. But everyone lived happily ever after, because.



The Adventures of the Choco Kids 9

 Alien choco doesn't exist on our planet, so it doesn't have any of our calories, which means you can eat as much as you like. 


The Adventures of the Choco Kids 8

 There was a chapter 7 once, but it evaporated while it was waiting to be posted, like so many other things in this world. It's really important to teach children from a very early age not to evaporate. They should also be taught how to use photosynthesis to grow healthy roots, leaves, and teeth.


Adventures of the Choco Kids 6

 Few people realize that chocolate is an alien entity, and has been running experiments on humans for 42 years. 


Rescue Cat

 Sketched on an iPad mini 6 in Procreate. The hardest part was keeping the animals from fidgeting. The elephant was afraid of the mouse, so I had to tell it the mouse was really a furry duck. That settled it down.

The Adventures of the Choco Kids 4

Originally 4 came before 5, but there was some trouble over broccoli, so changes had to be made. Also, 4 originally featured a condensed version of War and Peace, with llamas, but that was determined to be too short.


The Adventures of the Choco Kids 5

Some people are willing to take any risk to save others. 



The Adventures of the Choco Kids 3

Rumour has it, somewhere in the galaxy there is a planet made out of chocolate. If humans discover it, they will definitely respect the rights of the inhabitants and leave it alone. Of course they will! No question! Just a little taste...and another...and....

The Adventures of the Choco Kids 2

 People who don't like chocolate don't know what they're missing!

Adventures of the Choco Kids 1

 Brussels sprouts are better for you than chocolate, but who cares!


Creature Dreams

 Through the streets, in my kilt I'll go

All the lassies say hello

Donald, where's your troosers....

--Grant Stewart