The Curse of the Maladroit Penguin 32

Model Railroading appeals to all varieties of humanity, and to cats as well--cats enjoy hiding in miniature tunnels and swatting approaching trains. But model railroading can be dangerously addictive, unlike other hobbies, such as going to the dentist, hurling Brussels sprouts at your enemies, or collecting steel mills.

If your significant other exhibits the following traits, you may need to consider an intervention: 1: modellers are so obsessed that they build tiny model railroads in the glove compartments of their cars so they can operate trains while driving to the nearest railroad. 

2: modellers envision a model railroad on every flat space in their house or apartment. 

3. Modellers will drive hundreds of miles to photograph a dilapidated mine shanty or scrap-metal industry so they can build miniature versions of them for their model empires. 

All aboard!

The addictive power of model railroading

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